Boojum to give away free burritos upon post Covid reopening

You’ll even get a stamp towards your next T-Shirt

Ah, beloved Belfast eatery Boojum. Probably one of the things which we miss the most about being forced out of our duckle student accommodation in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Peculiarly, there are probably very few students who aren’t struggling with the severe withdrawal. Probably on par right now with a Culchie who has just shipped their entire farm to Elms, and yearns for a Friar Tucks.

Readily prepared to welcome back the struggling students of QUB and UU, Boojum have this morning announced that they are to give away free Burritos and bowls upon their grand re-opening for both sit in and takeaway.

Interestingly, we don’t actually know when that will be. However, this isn’t the first time that Boojum has been there to shine a wee light of brightness on us students.

Light is exactly what we need to hear in a time of such darkness across the world, so here is to the spirit of Boojum for always looking out for us, ready and waiting to welcome us back.

How horned are you for your first Boojum back in Belf? credit: @boojummex

Freddie Madden, a third year English student said, ‘for what it’s worth, if COVID-19 has proved anything at all, it is the love, hope and support which we has humans have in the time of global crisis and that this will always prevail. This is pure class that Boojum are giving away free scran’.

Obviously, you have the more major services providing their best. The least we can do is stand at our front door and applaud the Medics, Nurses and other frontline NHS Staff who are doing their best to look after us. As well as the Supermarkets who are doing their best to make sure we are all fed and watered.

Of course, times like these show the importance for a bit of gratitude, and that in these hard times we should all make sure we are doing our best and being there for one another.

Lastly, as if we as students couldn’t be more grateful to our dear Boojum, it is great to see the gratitude which they are giving back to us, through either a free Burrito or bowl. Boojum, we love you.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Go to the top of the article and read the first letter of each paragraph. Happy April Fools Day!