Could Jamie be Belfast’s ‘Maddest Fresher’ 2018?

We caught up with the buns behind the Boojum

We’re no strangers to answering to our Deliveroo order in a state – partially clothed, looking like death and still drunk from the night before.

Jamie, however, took it to another level.

Below you’ll see Jamie, wearing socks and nothing more, receiving his Boojum. Standard. We spoke to him to see if really has what it takes to be Belfast’s Maddest Fresher 2018.

Standard Boojum delivery

A maddest fresher candidate demonstrating the only way to recieve a Boojum

Posted by The Tab Belfast on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How did you end up receiving your Boojum delivery in the nude?

We were having pre-drinks before heading to the Bot and one of the boys was gonna order a Boojum. We were rightly on. He ended up not ordering the food. The next day, we were sitting in the kitchen and my mate RJ ordered the Boojum. When it came, he gave me odds and I lost.

How are you coping with your new-found fame as ‘Boojum Boy?’

My mum commented on the Facebook post and aside from that, a man approached in the Hatfield toilets and asked if I was the Boojum Boy.

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Are there any other antics you that make you Belfast’s Maddest Fresher 2k18?

I went down on a police barrier on Ormeau Road, me and my friends used fire extinguishers on each other in the house, and I kicked the wardrobe through in my room.

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Do you think Jamie is Belfast’s Maddest Fresher of 2018? Or do you think your mates have a running chance? Nominate them below.