Clubbers of the week: The legends who still go out over exams

You have to sit at least one of your exams hungover

Squad of the week

The chair is an honorary squad member

Stunnas of the week

They obviously didn’t get the memo to wear pink on Wednesdays

Hallion of the week

How could you willingly waste alcohol??

Stop bugging the DJ

“You got any Fall Out Boy, mate?”

Trend that should have stayed in 2016 (of the week)

Are people still dabbing?….

Bromance of the week

Matching sunglasses, how adorable

This is a stick up give me your memes!!

Just don’t hurt me

Best of the rest

When it’s your first time in VIP

Hey Miley chick, how’s you? x

My heart will go on

When you catch the photographer looking at you

My spidey sense is tingling

…..cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar

When the photographer tells you he hasn’t seen ALL the Shrek movies

It’s getting hot in here.

Hypefactory (Hideout, dsqo, HUSH, Electric Playground, FAT WEDNESDAYS, Sketchy),  Luke Joyce (Circus), Ollie’s, Cuckoo