Two Queen’s students had a roast dinner with their drug dealer

It came free with the weed

It was a drug deal just like any other. Two Belfast students went back to a dealers house to pick up.

But they ended up staying longer than usual when he offered them a surprise roast dinner, all because his girlfriend had made too much.

They had roast chicken, carrots and roast potatoes – and the dealer didn’t even charge them for it.

Computing student Henry was introduced to a new seller when his friends introduced them after a game of five a side.

“I asked if I could buy some weed, but he said he’d run out,” Henry explained. “The dealer said he had some at his house if I wanted to come over.”

Henry, a resident in Stranmillis asked if he’d be able to bring a friend along who also wanted a score. The dealer was cool with that and they picked up Alex and embarked on the journey to Dunluce Avenue.


The dealer lived on Dunluce

He said: “While initially trying to play it cool talking about football and that, we got a bit eager and started questioning the quality of the weed and stuff like that. The dealer started to get a bit uneasy and said he’d let us see it when we got to his house.

“When we finally arrived he took us upstairs to his room and produced scales. He put the weed into a bank bag and took our money.”

They had left the house and were walking back up Dunluce when they heard their names being shouted. Panic struck Alex and Henry when they thought they were undercharged or were going to be accused of stealing something. They nervously walked back to the dealer, weary of what was going to happen next.

“Lads, my girlfriend has cooked too much dinner. You want some?” he asked.

The roast dinner, probably

The roast dinner, probably

They didn’t know what to say, so agreed to have dinner with Jack and his girlfriend: a roast chicken dinner with carrots and roasties.

Henry said: “I normally grab free food from Fisherwick on a Thursday, but clean forgot about it this week. I got free food later on that Thursday so it all worked out. Balance has returned to the force”.

When asked if the food was nice he said “Gorgeous – as nice as my Ma’s. I regret not getting his number now, wouldn’t mind another roast dinner.”

The dealer approved of this article being published, but chose not to comment.