Blast bomb thrown at PSNI in West Belfast

An explosion in the west of the city last night caused a social media storm. Supposedly loud enough to be heard in South Belfast, the blast was eventually confirmed as a bomb attack on police.

An explosion was heard across the city last night after a bomb was thrown at police.

From 22:30 GMT last night, Facebook, Twitter feed and text preview in Belfast included these words: Belfast, loud noise, explosion and bomb.

After the spotting the PSNI helicopter, it was inevitable that they’d soon confirm the loud noise was in fact a bomb. However, uncertainty and speculation on social media reached fever pitch before confirmation.

just a couple of the crazy accusations

After numerous allegations and exaggerations as to what the strange loud noise was that could be heard all over Belfast last night, the PSNI confirmed that a bomb had been thrown at a police patrol in on Falls Road in West Belfast last night around 22:30 GMT.

It was originally speculated to have been thrown at the police landrover, however a PSNI investigation revealed that it was in fact it had been left in place at the City Cemetery and detonated by a command wire.

members of  the public photograph the scene

Four PSNI officers, a father and his three children as well as several members of the public were caught up in the explosion of Falls Road. The Filipino family were treated for shock, but no-one was injured by the attack.

The explosion’s blast blew a chunk out of the cemetery wall as well as slightly damaging the family’s car. The Falls Road remained close for a time today while the PSNI continued their search and investigation.

The attack has been condemned on social media, with many angry and worried that trouble may continue over the busy St. Patrick’s weekend.