QUBSU’s Student Officer Campaign: Election vs Application

QUBSU announced it’s Student Officer Elections this year with a new twist, instead of creating a fair democracy and equal representation it’s described as a “job” with “great perks” that you have to apply for. Great, well done QUBSU.

Just yesterday, QUBSU announced the Student Officer Elections with a new twist. Instead of a fair democracy and equal representation in the elections this year, they’re describing it as a “job” with “serious perks” that you have to apply for in order to “change stuff”. Wow, “stuff” because that sounds important and valued. Well done QUBSU.

so, according to their campaign the SU only want student officers who are in it for the money?

Every School sent out a “We’re Hiring!” email to it’s students yesterday, with just 6 short bullet point reasons as to why you should apply. The top one being a £17k pay packet, alongside some extremely vague and colloquial points as to what you’d be doing for that money.

I repeat, seventeen thousand pounds!

…It really sounds like they care about the quality of their applicants right?

I guess you could say they’re spreading the word. Encouraging students who haven’t considered student politics before, to consider it now. But then again, do you really want someone who’s never had a single proactive thought to suddenly be interested now and all because of the union’s attempt to lure them in with money? Because, I’m 99% sure, the only word or in this case number, that actually made people go “ooh”, was that well placed “£17k pay packet” bullet point.


The campaigning of this election doesn’t exactly make our union look particularly trustworthy or good  either. I mean, luring students in with money, making them think it’s as simple as filling out a form, applying, getting an interview if they’re lucky and bam, they’ve got the job. When fact it’s an election, something they should be passionate about, in it for more than experience, be an activist at heart, someone who understands and will actually create change.

Am I and these other students overreacting? Were you purely interested and persuaded by the £17k? Leave us a comment or tweet us your thoughts @TheTabBelfast