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An open love letter to the Hub

We love to hate you, but deep down we just love you

Name me a perfect AU building! You can’t. Because they all suck. But for some reason, there’s one building in particular that gets more shit than any other (except MacRobert, but let’s be real here that’s well deserved). Our lovely little student hub is regularly subjected to horrendous bullying by us students. But does the Hub deserve the hate it gets?

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We love you, Hub!

We love giving you shit. There’s no way around it. It’s in our little Aberdeen Uni genes, it’s the law, it’s canon. A student who does not talk shit about you is no fellow student of mine. But I’m here today to demonstrate that contrary to popular belief, we actually love you very, very much.

You're there for us when we need you the most, like when we've realised on our way to an exam that we have exactly zero pens that will last the whole two hours and need to buy some more, or when we just really fancy a doughnut between lectures.

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You've managed to always be just warm enough for us to comfortably sit and sip our coffee while looking out at the rain and pretending to work. Yes, your bean juice is mediocre at best, but hey we're still drinking it. And you majorly compensate for it with your massive selection of cheap food. You even have a microwave station for those who bring their own lunch!

Hands down, one of your most under-appreciated characteristics is the quality of your loos. It's not often that we students encounter a loo as reliable as yours in a uni building; you have defeated the curse. We can depend on you for a private and reliable peeing experience every time, and we love you for it.

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My sweetest Hub, as you well know, no love letter is complete without the obligatory poem, and this is no exception. For this poem to you, I've taken a page out of Kat Stratford's book. You're our Patrick Verona:

I hate the way we hate on you,

And the way we bring you down.

I hate the way we laugh at you,

When we call you a little clown.

I hate when we love subway,

And give you zero credit for that.

We'll whine on a freezing day,

And yet, refuse to buy your hats.

I hate the way we'll never admit,

Your food is by far the best.

You offer the most variety,

Even vegans will pass the test.

I hate when people give you shit,

We are all such hypocrites.

We love to hate you,

But I hate when we can't just admit,

That we actually do love you,

Even if it's just a tiny bit.

Love isn't perfect, and neither are you. We don't love you in spite of your imperfections, they're a part of what you are. We love your flaws, too, because in the end, you wouldn't be you if we couldn't make fun of you for being a bit shit.