Guys, after everything Love Island’s Paige and Finn are actually back together?!

‘I don’t want to lose you completely’

Despite everything, previous Love Island winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp are apparently back together and giving things another go. Right now Ex on the Beach is airing with them both taking part, and it’s been reported they rekindled their relationship whilst filming.

The pair met on the first winter series of Love Island in 2020, and were crowned winners in the South Africa villa. In April 2023 news emerged of their breakup, and according to reports they realised they “weren’t forever” and Paige had moved out of the flat they shared together.

Ahead of going onto Ex on the Beach, Paige and Finn said in an interview “we’re not back together” after filming – but it looks as though that was just to protect any spoilers.

Love Island winners Paige and Finn are back together

via ITV

It’s now been reported “neither of them properly moved on” and have been overheard at a press event for Ex on the Beach saying they’re giving their romance another go.

A source told The Sun: “Finn was overheard chatting to pals at the Celebrity Ex On The Beach launch earlier this week, where he told them he and Paige are giving things another go. The truth is, neither of them properly moved on after their split and they realised while filming the MTV reality show that there were still a lot of feelings there.

“After filming wrapped, they had a big heart to heart and decided they still wanted to be together. They’re taking it slowly, as they obviously had issues before splitting, but they’re committed to making it work this time.”

A clip from the show sees the couple sitting down for the first time since splitting and discussing what happened. Finn still has a tattoo of Paige’s name on him, and tells her: “I don’t want to lose you completely.”

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