Love Island 2022 drama

All the straight up ridiculous drama that has happened since Love Island 2022 ended

It’s just all so messy

Love Island has been over for three months and it feels like a whole lifetime ago when the nation was tuning in to watch Dami tell the other Islanders their future, Danica dancing at any given moment and Ekin-Su doing literally anything. Despite there being good vibes for most of Love Island 2022, there has been relentless drama since they all left the Mallorcan villa and it’s so messy. With new drama brewing following Luca’s statement about his split with Gemma Owen, her is a rundown of all the drama that has happened since the end of Love Island 2022:

Jacques and Luca were called out after making shady comments about other Islanders

Shortly after Love Island 2022 finished, Luca and Jacques were embroiled in a scandal after they made shady comments and digs about their fellow Islanders from their season. Jacques made sarcastic comments about Adam and Paige’s relationship, saying: “They seem like they get on really really well, they seem very happy together.”

Along with that, the two then began to mock Remi and his rapping, making sarcastic digs at the model. Remi even came out with a statement, saying Luca and Jacques should have been kicked out of the villa for bullying. Jacques has since apologised and said he has “no bad feelings towards anyone” and it wasn’t intention for it to come across that way.

Antigoni was accused of slut-shaming Ekin-Su

In an unearthed Instagram video, former Love Island contestant Antigoni was accused of slut-shaming Ekin-Su. In a video, Antigoni can be seen saying: “Ekin-Su said that Davide failed his test but I wonder if she’ll tell him that she was taking secret exams with one of the Casa Amor boys?”

Love Island 2022 drama

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

In response to the video, one user said: “Slut shaming a woman when she’s not there to defend herself is not a disagreement? And her going for Ekin in the villa was baseless, Antigoni was literally saying she wants Jay the day before like why are you mad? It wasn’t a disagreement it was one sided beef from Antigoni’s side.” In a statement to The Tab, Antigoni said she “would never slut shame another woman” and that the video was taken out of context and wishes Ekin-Su and Davide “the best”.

Coco and Summer unfollowed each other after Coco made a comment about Josh

Casa Amor Islanders Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe unfollowed each other on Instagram following a comment Coco made about Josh, who Summer was reported to be dating at the time. During a podcast, Coco said she was annoyed she hadn’t had sex with Josh, but felt “it could of happened”. It was widely reported that Summer was dating Josh at the time and unfollowed her former friend in response.

Deji claimed a lot more went on between him and Indiyah that was never shown

Deji was a Casa Amor boy who returned to the villa with Indiyah and although they didn’t last, Deji left the villa and claimed he and Indiyah shared another kiss that went unaired. Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu, Deji said: “There were conversations that we had where she would come to me and be like, ‘oh he said this, this and this,’ but she would be sat on my lap kissing me. So then it was like I had nothing to worry about. There was never any inkling that made me go, ‘OK you’re here today but gone tomorrow.”

Love Island 2022 drama

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Indiyah rubbished these claims and accused Deji of “holding on to every little thing” and she said his claims they kissed off camera were untrue.

Danica was spotted kissing TOWIE’s Roman Hackett days after her split from Jamie Allen

After Danica confirmed she and fellow Islander Jamie Allen had split up, she was pictured kissing TOWIE star Roman Hackett just days after. However, Danica told The Mirror that the picture “looks a lot worse than what it is”, and it just solely a goodbye kiss. She added that her and Jamie were never officially a couple and things began to fizzle out between the two of them.

Videos of Adam with his arm around another woman went viral

In the words of Paige Thorne, she was “Collarded”. Videos surfaced on social media of Adam Collard with his arm around another woman in a McDonald’s. He was forced to deny the allegations of him cheating but later admitted to kissing a woman in Bali following his upset over his split with Paige Thorne.

via Instagram @adamcollard

Paige claimed there were only two genuine couples left from Love Island

Paige claimed there were only two genuine couples left from Love Island and that one couple had been faking it. Featuring on the Saving Grace podcast, Paige said: “There’s three couples left but really there’s only two – but that’s a secret I’ll never tell.” Some fans thought she was talking about Gemma and Luca but a source close to the couple claimed the rumours were false.

Gemma announced her and Luca’s breakup while his phone was off

Gemma and Luca became the third Love Island couple to split after just two months together. After Gemma announced they had split up, Luca followed up hours later saying he “would have liked some time to process this privately”. Their breakup comes just days after Luca was spotted attending award shows with no one by his side.

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