Luca and Gemma split

All of these moments prove that Gemma and Luca were always going to break up

Luca said he went on Love Island ‘for a good summer’

Last night, Love Island 2022 finalists Gemma Owen and Luca Bish announced that after two months they had split up. The news comes after Luca was spotted at the TV Choice Awards without Gemma by his side. Gemma said their breakup was a ‘difficult decision’, just three months after they came second place on Love Island 2022. However, many people have been theorising that the relationship was over way before it was announced on social media.

There were a fair few signs that cracks were beginning to show in their relationship over the past month, despite Luca saying their relationship was getting “better and better” days before the split. Here are all the signs that Luca and Gemma were going to break up:

In Gemma’s Tatler interview, she didn’t mention Luca at all

Love Island fans began to notice there was trouble in paradise with the couple after Gemma didn’t mention Luca in her interview with Tatler. Gemma featured in the upcoming issue of Tatler to talk about her plans for the future and Luca wasn’t mentioned at all during the interview. The journalist who conducted the Tatler interview reflected on the time spent with Gemma and said she didn’t “mention the L-word all day”. “Not ‘love’ – Luca. Is the fishmonger no longer the priority?”, the journalist said.

Luca said he didn’t go on Love Island for love

Despite meeting Gemma Owen on the show, Luca told journalists he didn’t go onto Love Island for love, and said those who do are “naive”. The former fishmonger said: “You’re naive to go in there to think you’re going to find love. It’s called Love Island, but I never went in there thinking I’d meet Gemma. I’d be a liar to say that. I went in there for a good summer and to have a good time and on top of it all I’ve met a girl I couldn’t ask more from.”

Luca attended both the ITV Palooza! and TV Choice Awards alone

Over the last few days, Gemma was noticeably absent from Luca’s side during two award shows. During the red carpet for the TV Choice Awards, Luca said Gemma was unable to make it because she couldn’t find an outfit for the event.

Paige Thorne made cryptic comments about the fate of some Love Island couples

Love Island contestant Paige Thorne made headlines after appearing on the Saving Grace podcast last month. During the podcast, Paige said there were only two real couples left from the Love Island final. She said: “All I’m going to say on this right is there are how many couples left? Three. Three couples left – really there are only two. But that’s a secret I’ll never tell!”

A lot of fans assumed Paige’s comments were about Luca and Gemma, despite a source close to the couple attempting to rubbish the claims. A source told The Mirror: “There is a lot of talk and rumours about a showmance amongst this year’s contestants but it certainly isn’t Luca and Gemma that everyone is talking about.”

Luca hardly featured on Gemma’s Instagram after Love Island

A lot of fans were quick to notice how little of Luca was posted on Gemma’s Instagram. The last time Gemma posted a photo of her and Luca was 11 weeks ago, when they first became an official couple. She did have a photo of them two of them from bonfire night, however it has since been deleted. Even when her Instagram was managed by someone else, her Love Island final post was a picture of just her, in comparison to the other finalists who had a picture posted of them in their couples.

A lot of people didn’t even think Gemma and Luca were compatible

Heart Bingo’s relationship expert and co-founder of dating site So Syncd, Louella Anderson, gave her opinion on whether she thought Luca and Gemma were a compatible couple. She said: “It’s likely that Gemma and Luca forced their relationship to continue for longer than necessary. In the villa, they talked a lot about how they knew they were the most compatible couple, and they were furious when other couples voted them as the least compatible.

“They may have wanted to save face and prove people wrong. However, with lots of eyes on their relationship, the public scrutinizing their social media posts and outside speculation about whether they’d break up or move in together, there was only so long something like that could go on.”

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