MAFS UK 2022 quiz

Take this quiz and see how well you remember this year’s chaotic season of MAFS UK

I miss it so much

Okay, did anyone anticipate this season of Married at First Sight UK to be the season that put MAFS on the map? After an amazing season of Love Island and a 2021 season that left a lot to be desired, I honestly could not have cared less about MAFS UK in 2022 – and yet here I now am making a trivia quiz about a season that ended up being one of the most drama-filled and chaotic seasons of reality telly I’ve ever watched.

So, we all watched the carnage unfold and the bit of love develop, but how well do you actually remember this season of MAFS UK? Can you remember what couples got married first? What couples walked out the experiment calling it quits first? Who fought, who made friends and who caused homestay chaos? Can you name the legendary mums that made us laugh all the way back in August?

If you reckon you’re a MAFS UK superfan, then take this trivia quiz for the iconic 2022 season and see how well you were actually paying attention!

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Featured image courtesy of Channel 4.

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