best uni cities for making friends

These are the top 10 student cities for making best friends forever

It’s time to whip out the friendship bracelets

Everyone’s university experience is different. Yet, there is one thing that everyone is united in: the fear of making new friends. But did you know that some uni cities are better for making friends in than others? I can still remember my first day in my uni accommodation and being completely wracked with nerves as I forced myself to approach people on my corridor and say hi.

Obviously, we all know it works out in the end and you’ll end up making the best of friends wherever you go, whether that be with people in your flat, course or societies. However, in a study commissioned by student housing brand Yugo, they found that the city itself you study in can also seemingly have an affect on the friendships you make.

Freshers destined for Edinburgh, Southampton or Bristol this September are most likely to make best friends forever, with 98 per cent of respondents who studied in those cities saying that five years down the line, they are still in touch with their besties from university. 

Whilst people notoriously say that you won’t stay in touch with people you meet in Freshers’ Week, 60 per cent of students Yugo polled said they were still friends with someone they met on their first day of university. Ranking low on the list are Lincoln, Liverpool and Glasgow with 82 per cent of its students saying they are bad at keeping in touch with uni friends. But that being said, what are the best cities for making friendships at uni?

The top 10 UK uni cities for making best friends forever:

1. Edinburgh

2. Southampton

3. Bristol

4. Exeter

5. Cambridge

6. Lancaster

7. Plymouth

8. Bournemouth

9. Nottingham

10. Newcastle

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