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Quiz: Which Netflix BFFs are you and your best friend?

Obvs we’re Penelope and Eloise

Film and TV have long been filled with classic friendship pairings. Thelma and Louise, Sam and Frodo and Timon and Pumbaa. History is full of these iconic pairings and Netflix is no stranger to strong friendship duos, but which pairing are you and your best friend most like? It’s time to find out with our quiz.

Some of Netflix’s best double acts include Elle and Lee from The Kissing Booth, Otis and Eric from Sex Education and of course Penelope and Eloise from Bridgerton. These friendships are not without their problems but at the end of the day these two people are always there for each other, just like true friends should be.

Which of them is most reflective of your own friendship with your closest mate? Are you all about going on nights out and meeting guys? Then you’re probably most like Haley and Francesca from Too Hot To Handle. Or you could be friends from work, who love a gossip and a glass of wine, just like Selling Sunset’s Mary and Chrishell.

To find out which Netflix best friends you and your best friend are take our quiz:

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