Quiz: Which iconic teen queen movie best friend are you?

Gretchen or no one

A teen queen movie is nothing without a loyal bestie by the queen’s side. They’re there to provide advice, arguments and quality looks.

The best friends are either the one main character wants to be like and is secretly jealous of their success. Or the best friend is solely there to support the main character, providing laughs and wisdom.

And often you’d want to be more like the best friend than the actual main character. Dionne is cooler than Cher, Lily is smarter than Mia and we’d all rather be Gretchen than Regina.

But which teen queen movie BFF are you spiritually aligned with? We’ve designed a quiz that gives you the answer to that in just 11 questions.

So you can finally find out if you’re more like Drippy, who is fun, care free and always up for a snack or more like Jas, reserved, ditches her mates for boys and the grown up of the group.

Take this quiz to find out which teen movie best friend you really are:

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