Vote: It’s time to decide who truly is the most iconic teen movie queen

What, like it’s a hard decision?

They’re the films you watched on rotation at countless sleepovers. You compared their wardrobes, boyfriends and best friends. And hours were spent debating who was the best of all the leading girls in our favourite teen movies.

Everyone has their go to gal, you may like them all, but there is one that truly speaks to your soul. The one you would defend till your death for being straight up iconic. We all think teen movies create the same type of girl, but the main characters were actually extremely varied. They all had different things about them that put them in first position in people’s hearts.

Regina George is a favourite for being a savage bitch, whereas others love the naivety of Cher. Or there’s the complete opposite side of the teen queen sphere, where you’ve got Viola and Georgia, who are far more realistic version of teenage girls.

Whoever you think deserving of the crown, there can only be one winner, so it’s time to vote for your most iconic teen movie queen:

Regina George

How do I even begin to explain Regina George? Yes she’s a straight up mean bitch, but that’s why you love her. She wears great theme costumes, says it like it is and in the end she does start to reflect on how much of a mean girl she once was.

Regina was completely aware of her bitchiness and owned it. And let’s not forget all the totally mean things Cady did to her. Tricking her into putting on weight, pushing her out of the Plastics and just full on trying to take her man. If anyone deserved to be hit by a bus it was Cady.

Viola Hastings

Viola Hastings deserves to be the queen as she is so different to the way other girls were constantly being portrayed in teen movies. A breath of fresh air if you will, Viola wasn’t afraid to be herself – she never acted like a “lady”, was into sports, and wanted to prove to everyone girls were equally as capable as boys.

Also she managed to control herself around Channing Tatum whilst living in the same bedroom which deserves an award in itself.

Cher Horowitz

When you first meet Cher you think she’s going to a vain self centred bitch, but it couldn’t be further from it. Bar the weird relationship with her stepbrother, Cher was a great role model.

Cher truly wanted the best for everyone, even if her methods were a bit off sometimes, she always meant well. She’s funny, an excellent match maker and we all wanted that revolving wardrobe.

Georgia Nicolson

Georgia will always be the only British teen movie queen. She’s the realest and the one we can all relate to. She’s not perfect, she messes up, constantly embarrasses herself but that’s what being a teenager is.

She’s the one teen queen who we can all look at and definitely see something of ourselves in her. Whether it’s hating the size of your nose, shaving off your eyebrow or concocting the most awful plan to try and impress the fittest boy in school, we’ve all been there.

Elle Woods

Elle Woods is straight up iconic. Who else will make you feel like a bad ass in a pink dress? Yes the film started out with her wanting to win Warner, but by the end she learns to values herself and that’s a journey we all need to take.

She cares about people, works hard and proves that fashion and beauty knowledge are actually essential.

Kat Stratford

For many of us Kat was our first introduction into feminism and for that I shall be eternally grateful. She’s independent, never settles and always stays true to herself. And whilst Kat acts super tough she’s still sensitive and wants to be loved and as  14 year-old girls that spoke to all of our moody Tumblr souls.

She has excellent taste in books, epic one liners and does an excellent drunk dance.

Poppy Moore

Wild Child was the one movie that actually made you want to go to boarding school. Poppy in LA was a whole vibe and she was equally just as loveable when she dyed her hair brown and wore that dog jumper.

She’s confident, brilliant at lacrosse (in the end) and you’d just want to be mates with her.

Vote for your favourite teen movie queen:

Feature image credit before edits: Katie Harp on Unsplash

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