Take this quiz to find out which iconic teen movie Queen you really are

Can I be all of them?

Teen movies moulded us into the young women we are today. They taught us about friendship, boys and how to actually pull off a successful makeover. Their pink wardrobes, boujiee cars and outrageously fit dates got us all wanting their lives, even if it was horribly out of reach. And we all had our favourite teen movie lead, but which one are you really?

Teen movies all follow a very similar format of – girl has problem, makeover happens, she solves problem and ends up with the hot guy. Though the pattern is the same, all the girls are different and have distinct personalities and we are all spiritually aligned with one of them.

Are you ambitious, honest and a little bit intimidating? Then you’re just like Regina. Perhaps you’re more of a class clown, constantly embarrassing yourself but everyone loves you, like Georgia from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Or maybe you’re more like Cher, who seems pretty ditzy but actually has her head screwed on and loves to help others.

Some of the teen queens like Poppy Moore and Elle Woods are great all rounders, they’re motivated, work hard but also know how to party to a noughties classic. Or maybe your teen movie queen is Viola Hastings, funny, witty and very into sports.

Take this quiz to see which iconic teen movie Queen you really are:

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