Get in loser, and take this quiz to see which Mean Girls character you are

We can’t all be Regina

The time has come for the most important character quiz of our time – which Mean Girls character are you? Arguably the most iconic movie to ever be made, Mean Girls created standout characters with distinct personalities. And we are all spiritually aligned with one in particular.

Are you a bit of a hot mess, trying to fit in like Cady? Are you super confident and take no shit from anyone like Regina? Or are you sweet, kind and a little ditzy but with great boobs like Karen? Is your personality more of an Aaron Samuels vibe? Your hair is sexy pushed back, you’re into sports and academics, but you’re not the most interesting of people? Or are you like Damian, the life and soul of the party, the funniest guy to have around and all round gem?

Which Mean Girls phrase would you get tattooed to your forehead? “That is so fetch” or “You go Glen Coco”? It’s a tough decision. And if you broke the fashion rules and wore sweat pants on a Monday would you go for a classic pink pair or branch out into a wild leopard print pair? Such important questions define which Mean Girls character you truly are.

It’s just like, the rules of feminism, for you to take this Mean Girls character quiz:

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