Quiz: Can you match the teen movie queen to their bedroom?

Forever jealous of Mia’s spiral staircase

When you’re a teenager your bedroom is the most important room. It’s the centre of your universe, the one place in the house you can decorate yourself and show your personality. It’s also the place you slam the door to avoid your parents, where you have endless sleepovers with your mates and sometimes even the place you have sex for the first time. Basically that room is incredibly important and nowhere is this more obvious than in teen girl movies.

The bedrooms are easily just as iconic as the characters themselves, Cher’s spinning wardrobe will forever be in my dream room. In the films their room is a place for makeovers, staging elaborate plans to destroy a boy and writing letters to all the boys they’ve loved before.

But can you identify which teen movie queen belongs to which room? Can you tell Regina George’s room apart from Kat Stratford’s? Hopefully you can as the two girls are polar opposites.

So it’s time to find out just how well you know the teen movie bedrooms from our childhoods, by taking this quiz:

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