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Ranked: Every single one of Regina George’s outfits from least to most fetch

The pink dress with the spine brace is a strong vibe

Besides her iconic one liners and being a major bitch, Regina George is known for her spectacular wardrobe choices.

Her Halloween costume will go down in history as every girl’s inspiration for their outfits every year. Her cardigans, hoops and little bags wouldn’t be out of place on Instagram today. And no one else could pull off a pink satin strapless dress whilst wearing a spine brace.

I’d always thought she nailed every outfit, however rewatching the film for the millionth time, I realised a lot of her outfits actually missed the mark. In fact Gretchen is easily the best dressed out of The Plastics. There I said it.

But of course Regina will always rule supreme. Some of her outfits are truly the definition of fetch, whereas others would make you boot her from the lunch table.

This is every single one of Regina George’s outfits ranked from least to most fetch:

Her lacrosse look

Let’s start at the end of the film where one of her last outfits is easily the worst. I know it’s a sports kit so she doesn’t have any choice in what she wears, but jeez that headband. It’s a big no from me.

The doing Cady’s hair outfit

What are those arm patches?? I have no words.

The last look we see her in

This is the final outfit we see Regina in and is clearly meant to represent her transformation. And it definitely does, it’s boring, dark and so un Regina. Although the big hoops are the one hint to the old Regina. Basically it’s her only saving grace.

“Sweat pants are all that fit me right now”

I have nothing against sweatpants, they’re one of the greatest inventions and Cady feeding her those Kälteen bars is beyond twisted, but this tracksuit is the worst. The colour, the stripes at the back and the top pulled down below the cropped jacket. Ew.

This random blue and black jumper look

This outfit is only seen for a split second but I still have to address the the double layering. It’s just so boring and un Regina. If she didn’t have her R necklace I wouldn’t have known it was her.

The “why are you so obsessed with me?” outfit

Well I’m definitely not obsessed with this outfit. What is with the long sleeve tops? This is one of the many examples that proved the early 2000s was a disastrous time in fashion.

The Gretchen is nominated for Prom Queen outfit

Again what is with the long sleeve tops and purple colours they keep putting her in? And the bra straps, whilst a cool pattern, just look weird sticking out so obviously, just let her shoulders go bare.

The “you guys need anything” outfit

Now obviously her mum steals the scene, but it’s worth noting that Regina’s outfit is a perfect hookup look, simple, short and far more of a plastic vibe.

The arm weights outfit

Regina George is the only woman who can get away with wearing pink pom pom slippers, especially whilst doing arm exercises. The rest of the outfit is a bit meh but still colourful.

The Burn Book discovery outfit

What else are you gonna wear to deliver the biggest bombshell of the year than an off the shoulder jumper and a pink little bag? The bottom half of this outfit is dire though. The low rise bootleg jeans and the very thin shoes are a big old no.

Her OG sports outfit

This is the first look we see Regina in and wow what an entrance. None of us ever looked that fit in our PE kits.

The “hair looks sexy pushed back” look

Regina looks good in red, and the pink detailing just elevates the jumper a bit. Oh and the total power move of pushing Aaron’s hair back is iconic.

Her pink tracksuit

Now this is the type of early 2000s tracksuit that is cool and probably a Juicy Couture copy if we’re being honest. Regina actually looks great with her hair up and a doughnut should be everyone’s accessory tbh.

The Aaron dumped her look

Wish I looked this good when I’ve been just been dumped. Big fan of those printed pyjama bottoms.

Strutting halls outfit

If you look at this picture quickly they all look banging, but on closer inspection Karen and Gretchen are dressed far better. Gretchen has a cute little summer holiday dress on and Karen has an iconic slogan vest. But Regina’s outfit is just a bit boring. Her bag is nice though.

The “So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?” look

regina george's outfits

The black and pink colour combination looks great on Regina, but that collar is obscenely big, like stupidly big.

The boob cut out

regina george's outfits cut out top

This is only so far up the ranking for it’s icon status. Only Regina looks good in this outfit.

The pink dress

regina george's outfits

You’ve got to admire her for making the best out of a bad situation and putting pink flowers on her spine brace. The dress would have looked stunning on her anyway but the metal work really adds something.

The “I wanna lose three pounds” look

I’ll say it again, Regina looks good in red. This whole top is such a vibe, I would buy it today. The striking red and black with the little bows to tie it together is beaut.

The rage puffer coat look

Ok so you probably don’t pay her outfit that much attention during this scene because it’s when she’s realises what’s been going on and rightfully kicks off.

But this look is actually one of my favourites. The jeans, puffer coat, lacy top and heels is a simple effortless combo and she just looks really cool.

The Christmas outfit

Everyone in the English speaking world knows this outfit. It is easily one of Regina’s best but because she’s not the only one wearing it, it doesn’t have the maximum level of fetchness.

The first phone call outfit

regina george's outfits

Who else but Regina George has an initialed pyjama vest? The double R with her necklace is a lot, but I admire her confidence and the butterflies on her bra strap are lush.

The Halloween outfit

regina george's outfits

A straight up legend. It’s the most basic bitch of outfits and yet she just makes it work. Think it’s the little fluffy cuffs.

The “get in loser, we’re going shopping” outfit

regina george's outfits mean girls day

Pink cardigan, black skirt, slogan top, initial necklace and pink bag – just chef’s kiss.

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