Leader of the group quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you’re the leader of your friendship group

If you have to take this quiz, you probably aren’t x

When TikTok and Twitter join forces, some of the best memes are created and I am so eternally grateful. Whether it’s the he’s a 10 or she’s a 10 meme trend, there is always something that will forever be funny not matter how long it goes on for. The current meme trend taking over both apps and has everybody questioning themself is the leader of the group memes. A trend that began on TikTok and soon made its way over the Twitter has had everyone wondering where they fit in their friendship groups and likely coming to terms with not being the leader of their friendship group.

Every friendship group has the baby, the mum, the organiser and a new position everyone can’t stop talking about is the leader. Are you the leader of the your friendship group? Or maybe you think you are the leader but don’t want to admit it without sounding a bit conceited. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Whether you are just curious or need the validation, take this not-so accurate quiz to decide whether you are the leader of your friendship group or not. But let’s be real with ourselves though, if you were you wouldn’t need to take this leader of the group quiz to find out.

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