Whilst you work out if you’re the leader of the group, enjoy these 22 memes about it

When you want a Maccies but the leader of the group says no :/

When it comes to friendship groups, everyone has their allocated roles. Whether you are the baby of the group or the mum of the group, there is something for everyone. One person in particular that everyone is talking about is the leader of the group. There are a number of qualities a leader of the group may have, whether they take charge when planning outings or the person you go to when you’re in desperate need of advice. Regardless of this, you can always count on Twitter to make memes about it. The words leader of the group have been taking over Twitter and some of the memes about it are hilarious.

While you sit and wonder if you’re the leader of your friendship group, enjoy these 22 memes about it:

1. It’s a harsh world out here

2. That’s just cold

3. Promotion season x

4. Sorry x

5. :/

6. Loooool

7. Needs must

8. At a loss tbh

9. Don’t know what to do with myself 🙁

10. All rise for the new commander in chief

11. Patiently waiting for the Excel spreadsheet

12. A hard knock life

13. Eyes wide open x

14. Sigh

15. Alexa play Good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo

16. Sorry boss x


18. He got there first :/

19. Hehe

20. Reality can be whatever I want x

21. ://

22. Logging off x

Featured image credit before edits via Max Saeling on Unsplash.

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