Men used to go to war and now they’re reading these 23 memes about it

Men used to go to war but now they buy blueberry flavoured vapes💀💀

If there is one thing Twitter is going to do, it’s make memes! Following on from the she’s a 10 and Little Miss memes saga, there is a new trend taking over the app and it starts with “men used to go to war” and then continues with things people do in modern society. These tweets have been racking up thousands of likes and retweets because of how relatable they are, and who doesn’t love a meme subtly calling them out? Whether you want to agree with the meme or not, chances are you probably relate to a lot of them. Something everyone can hang their head and relate to is: “Men used to go to war but now they’re addicted to Elf Bars”, because truer words have never been spoken.

It’d be ridiculous to think only men do these things and this meme is poking fun at exactly that. The tweets jokingly write about what men should be doing in comparison to what it’s like in real life. Pretty much all of Twitter has jumped onto this trend, so have a read of these 23 men used to go to war memes and think about how badly you wish you didn’t relate to them:

1. It’s the best flavour so I understand

2. Loool so true

3. Why??

4. What’s so funny?

5. I rate it tbh

6. Go off sis x

7. As they should

8. Wyd tonight? I can come n see u xxx

9. Interesting developments

10. Guilty

11. They’re nothing if not determined

12. We’re all bad bitches x

13. All day, every day

14. 🥺👉👈

15. No <3

16. Fair

17. Isn’t that universal?

18. Unfair really

19. Looool

20. Seriously though, me and who?

21. Deeply concerning things

22. Not the best use of time tbh

23. Who are you being real for HUH?

Featured image before edits via Lucas Kapla on Unsplash.

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