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She’s a 10 but … she relates to these 19 memes

‘She’s a 10 but she can’t park’ 😭😭😭

Have you ever met someone, thought they were the fittest person you’ve ever clapped eyes on (a 10, if you will), but thought there’s just something about them that feels … off and a bit of an ick? That’s what the new “She’s a 10 but” trend that’s all over Twitter and TikTok is all about, and the memes are just SO good. People are basically creating imaginary partners who are really fit but do weird things. For example, she’s a 10 but she can’t park, she’s a 10 but she’s a Gleek, or he’s a 10 but he runs for the bus and misses it. All equally as horrific as each other, I know.

People have been coming up with some jokes versions of the “She’s a 10 but” meme all over Twitter and TikTok, and the trend is just too good. Take a look at these 19 “She’s a 10 but …” memes, and decide what you really think of these totally imaginary people:

1. Gleek til I die, baby x

2. It has to be done

3. Me af

4. It’s FINE

5. Ha ha ha who does that …

6. Who can park though?

7. She’s a 10 but she’s counting down the days until her 22nd birthday so she can play 22 by Taylor Swift on her Insta story

8. ://

9. Yep

10. It’s calling me

11. Ok but it’s impossible to not do this??

12. You’d better love her if she was a worm!

13. Hey Siri play Story Of My Life by One Direction

14. Same hun x

15. Comfort films, always

16. Hot girls have IBS x

17. A power nap solves everything

18. Lol

19. (She’s me)

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