She's a 10 trend

Here’s how to play the ‘She’s a 10’ game that’s all over TikTok right now

She’s a 10 but she claps when the plan lands

So the ‘She’s a 10’ trend has been doing the rounds on TikTok and Twitter this week and it’s basically for people to create imaginary partners who are really fit but have odd habits. For example, she’s a 10 but she runs for the bus and misses it. Or, he’s a 10 out of ten but he still baths with his dad – what a mental image, I know.

Anyway, people have been producing some hilarious versions. So here’s a rundown of how to play the challenge and some of the best ones thrown in for good measure.

How to play the ‘She’s a 10’ viral game from TikTok

It works best if there are two people and all you have to do is start your sentence with “She’s a 10” or “He’s a 10” and then end it with something completely horrendous. Here are a few favourites to get you started.

• She’s a 10 but her she’s a virgo

• He’s a 10 but he has no social media

• He’s a 10 but he wears invisible socks

• She’s a 10 but she has one pillow on her bed

Here’s a rundown of some of the best TikTok videos using the ‘She’s a 10’ trend

@kyliemillar 😂😂😂 #shesa10 #game #trending ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

@libbymae24😳♬ make me like you – sam

@natwhiting #🏳️‍🌈 #shesa10 #ongod ♬ original sound – Natalie whiting

@eazyblakeoven_ And she calls her dad “Papa”🚩🚩🚩#fyp #foryoupage #comedy #strangerthings4 #shesa10but ♬ original sound – Blake

@dean.craig Part 2 #funny #fyp #shesa10 #hesa10 #trend ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

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