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Debunked: Here’s how the honey method on TikTok helps you manifest the love of your life

Some people have said it can be very dangerous

Catching the attention of someone you fancy can be a strange and embarrassing experience, but luckily now there’s the honey method on TikTok. People on the app are literally obsessed with it, they use it to improve their love lives. Every single month there seems to be a new manifestation hack, last month it was the whisper method and this month it’s all in the honey.

But does the honey method work? And what actually is it? Here’s everything you need to know about the honey method on  TikTok including how to do it.

What is the honey method on TikTok?

The honey method on TikTok is essentially a way to manifest being noticed by your crush and it’s allegedly the easiest way to make someone be obsessed with you. There are a couple different ways people do it but the easiest is putting honey on your finger, thinking of the person you are obsessed with and saying affirmations like “They’re always thinking of me”.

Once you have done that, you’re then meant to make a cross at the bottom of your tongue using the honey. But you have to stay positive. Having good intentions and vibes is key to this working so don’t start getting all cynical and don’t doubt this method.

So once you’re done, the theory says your crush should then be deeply in love with you.

A lot of people say they’ve seen results the next day – it’s mad.

Why do people say the honey method is dangerous?

The people who strongly believe in the power of the honey method say it’s dangerous as it could tie someone to them against their will. One user said: “You are literally binding this person to your forever, it can backfire so easily, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.”

If you choose to do it then good luck.

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