Zombies in China 2022 TikTok

Debunking the zombies in China 2022 TikTok trend – is the world really going to end?

At this point, fair enough

A viral trend on TikTok has caused panic after saying the world will end in 2022 following an attack from zombies which are supposedly in China.

Let’s just be clear, though, TikTok isn’t a reliable place and things spread super fast and very quickly. This trend has a lot of people debating how long they would survive in a zombie apocalypse and it’s quite jokes.

One person says: “Why am I hearing about a zombie in China? I’m about to fly to space for real.” A big mood.

Where is the zombies in China 2022 TikTok trend from?

A lot of people have been saying they’re moving to Mars if the zombies actually come to destroy the world. Amongst all the hysterics there’s also talk about it being for a movie. However the confusion could also stem from an article published in 2021 which talks about a zombie apocalypse that is “most likely to start in China”.

Chill, there’s no evidence showing zombies exist

Zombies are literally a myth and they’ve made their way into the modern world despite there not being a crumb of evidence saying they exist.

By definition, a zombie is an undead  flesh-eating body that is either affected by a virus or has been bitten by another zombie. So it’s safe to say this trend isn’t real and you can all relax.

Feature image of zombie taken from The Walking Dead.

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