Black auntie gasping Twitter reaction video cussing in front of my aunty TikTok

You’ve seen it all over Twitter, so here’s the origin story of *that* viral meme reaction video

Finally, some answers!

Right now, there’s one reaction video going around Twitter – the first post on there calls it “somebody auntie randomly gasping” but you’ve probably been desperate to know the full context and where the video actually came from.

Commenting under the first post on Twitter, someone said: “I WANNA KNOW THE CONTEXT OF THIS DAMN VIDEO. THE REACTION IS GETTING OUT OF HAND”. It’s fine, I’ve got you. Now you know inner peace. The original video is from a TikTok, and yes it is quite simply somebody’s auntie gasping. But here’s why it’s a thing, and more about the backstory.

Right, so where did the ‘somebody auntie randomly gasping’ Twitter reaction video come from?

The original video is a TikTok, posted by turntuptorey, a creator with over 1.3million followers. He posted the video, yes it’s of his auntie, and the reason why she’s so shocked is because he’s swearing in front of her. The video is called “Cussing in front of my auntie” and is captioned: “LMFAO the dramatic gasp. Can’t believe miss cuss a lot judging me”. It’s had over 2.7million views.

The video has gone so big, Torey has posted it again, this time captioned: “Lmao why is the gasp part a whole meme on twitter rn. I cant scroll without seeing auntie.” Tbf, seeing your auntie all over Twitter in a meme reaction video must be a bit strange.


LMFAO the dramatic gasp. Can’t believe miss cuss a lot judging me 🤣🤣 #mamavette “a THUG”

♬ original sound – Torey

The video shows him saying in front of her: “You remember that one bitch we used to work with?” To which his auntie lets out a huge gasp. “She used to do all types of weird shit,” he continues. You guessed it, his auntie is shook all over again. “Don’t do that, that is so out of character,” his auntie replies. “Baby that is not you. That’s so rude.” She didn’t lie.

Now, the video has gone over to Twitter, and the memes are incredible.

Am I hooked on this meme? Maybe.

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