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All the young and hilarious TikTok stars in the UK you need to be watching right now

What’s everyone having for their tea?

TikTok is home to some of the greats and has boosted the careers of many. There are countless well-known faces to come from the app, some who have even dabbled in the music industry and starred in Netflix shows. But on the other side of the pond here in England, there are equally talented individuals who make us laugh day in and day out without even trying. Whether your TikTok page is a bit niche or maybe you’re only really interested in the latest Charli D’Amelio drama, there are a certain set of TikTokers you simply needs to be watching.

Here are all the TikTok stars in the UK you need to watch right now:

Grace Keeling AKA GK Barry

If you have ever said you’ve never seen GK Barry on your FYP, you’re a liar. The 22-year-old Nottingham Trent grad has us all in tears for her no nonsense and hilarious commentary on her life and pop culture. She has since gone on to create the Saving Grace podcast which has had the likes of Chloe Burrows and Harry Jowsey as guests. She has recently just hit 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel which was set up in April 2022.


Replying to @kimberlybrohan #loveisland

♬ original sound – Grace

She has 2.3 million followers on TikTok and over 150 million likes. There is nothing more to tell you other than open TikTok right now and follow her if you don’t already. It’s a guaranteed laugh no matter what.

George and Joe Baggs

George and Joe are two TikTok stars that if you don’t already watch you need to. The duo rose to fame over lockdown in 2020, providing us with hilarious content winding their family up. The Essex brothers are known for their funny voices and comedic videos and have amassed over 90 million likes on TikTok, along with 860,000 and 1.2 million followers respectively. The Baggs family were on Gogglebox together for three seasons before leaving the show in 2022. The two are close friends with GK Barry and videos of them as a trio are simply divine comedy.


Mine & @George’s first solo holiday abroad did not disappoint 😂 #holiday #benidorm

♬ original sound – Joseppi Baggzelini

Sarel Madzebra AKA Coco Sarel

One of the latest popular TikTok stars you need to watch is Coco Sarel. Known for her Love Island debrief videos, like us, Coco spent the best part of the last two months saying what we were all thinking after every episode. She has accumulated over 35 million likes on TikTok with 700,000 followers and is showing no signs of slowing down. Her witty and hilarious takes on every episode of Love Island is something to be adored. Nothing says commitment like her daily videos.


When white women white women, they white women!! #cocosarel

♬ original sound – Sarel Madzebra

Her videos do not just stop at Love Island as she posts reactions videos and shares her opinions on topics such as issues surrounding the royal family.

Maddie Grace Jepson

If there is one person you’ll nod and say ‘oh yeah I’ve seen her’ from this list, it’ll be Maddie. Known for her unique take on comedy and the iconic TikTok sound that is: “What’s everyone having for their tea? I’m having jacket potato, tuna mayo, salad and a bit of garlic bread.” If you ever want to sum up something that isn’t really meant to be funny but just is, Maddie Grace Jepson is the TikToker for you.


Comment down below what ur having Xxxx

♬ original sound – Maddie Grace Jepson

Maddie has accumulated 61.3 million likes on TikTok and is almost at one million followers, someone get her verified already!

Davina Dickson

One of the TikTok stars you need to watch is Davina. If you like to reminisce on all the random things you did as a child that usually got you in trouble with your parents, Davina’s skits are the one for you. I don’t know whether it’s the voice effects or the pleasing sound of “Davinaaaa” being yelled during the videos. The Wolverhampton Uni grad while have you in bits after watching any of her videos. She has over 50 million likes on her TikTok videos and has 1.3 million followers.

Justin Arthur

Justin is one of the best food creators on the app and is definitely a TikTok star you need to watch. If you’re more of a foodie on TikTok, Justin is who you need. His perfectly narrated cooking videos are something I could watch all day and every day. I don’t know whether it’s the smoothness of his voice or just the fact he cooks banging meals, Justin is the food content creator you need in your life. Justin if you ever open your own restaurant, I’ll be there every night. Just letting you know x

Justin has 2.8 million likes on TikTok and 260,000 followers.

Holly Marston

Holly Marston’s videos are my favourite things to watch. Whether you’re looking for a vibey new outfit or you just feel unsure if something will suit you, Holly is there to show you as she puts it “you’re hot in any size”. Her fashion sense is top tier and there is nothing better than scrolling through her videos and quickly swapping to ASOS and buying it. An expensive habit? Maybe, but worth it! And let’s get a round of applause for the hair! A vibe.

She has a total of 3.8 million likes on TikTok with just under 150,000 followers.

Klaudia AKA @wavyute

Another TikTok star you need to watch is Klaudia. If you want someoen that is going to keep it real with you always, Klaudia is the one for you. Her videos have no bounds, whether it’s a vlog about her day, an outfit check or just whatever she’s thinking in the moment, her account is top tier. She went viral on social media after featuring on a YouTube video and since then has gone from strength to strength. She has over nine million likes on TikTok with just under 200,000 followers.

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