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Rating TikTok stars and their music on whether it’s a bop or flop

Nessa Barrett’s music is a bop and I won’t hear anything else on the matter!

If there is one thing that is guaranteed about an extremely popular TikToker, it’s that they will almost definitely make music in a bid to hop to a different industry in case their TikTok fame dries up. For some, they have successfully done just that but for others they are still seen as a TikTok creator. Some of the music to come out of TikTok is aux cord worthy and others, well let’s just say you could play it and have your aux privileges taken from you. I’m not ashamed to admit that a lot of these songs from TikTok stars are deep in my Spotify playlists. Why? Because they are absolute bops. Here is a full rundown of the TikTok stars who have made music and whether they are bops or flops:

Lil Huddy

Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy began to focus on his music career in 2021 after establishing himself as the e-boy of TikTok that everyone swooned over. He dropped his first song The Eulogy of You and Me in 2021, and it was okay if you enjoy really morbid grunge music, and off it went into my breakup playlist. He then followed it up with his first album titled Teenage Heartbreak, which absolutely slapped.

Most recently he has dropped a song called All the Things I Hate About You and it is an absolute BOP, regardless of whether it’s a diss track about Charli D’Amelio or not. The 20-year-old is one of the top 10 music influencers on TikTok and it makes sense.

Bop or flop? Bop.

Dixie D’Amelio

The older sister of TikToker Charli D’Amelio began her music career in 2020 which her release of Be Happy and has collaborated with the likes of Liam Payne and Wiz Khalifa. Now, her music isn’t bad but it isn’t great, especially if we’re going to talk about One Whole Day. When she released F**kboy in 2021, people began to realise she wanted to take her music career but not everyone was keen on her genre.

However, it wasn’t until I saw a video of her cover of Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats when I realised she can SING. Why must she sing these silly monosyllabic songs when she has the voice to truly give it her all.

Bop or flop? Bop to an extent.

Bella Poarch

Anytime I think of Bella Poarch, I am haunted by her viral video of her nose scrunch and her lip syncing to M to the B. It was this video that helped her break the internet and introduced us all to Build a Bitch. There is no TikTok song more iconic this, and I have to applaud her, it broke the internet all over again. You keep nose scrunching and releasing bangers bestie x

Bop or flop? Bop.

Addison Rae

I think if there’s one TikTok star who should stick to doing anything else, it’s Addison Rae. She released Obsessed in 2021 and in my opinion it’s just boring. The lyrics literally say: “I’m obsessed with me as much as you. Say you’d die for me, I’d die for me too.” At least she’s strong on the self-love.

Bop or flop? Flop.

Nessa Barrett

If there’s one TikTok star I’m going to stream until the end of time it’s Nessa Barret. Every single song slaps, especially I hope ur miserable until ur dead. As soon as I listened to that song, it went straight into my liked songs and every playlist it could fit in. There is something quite beautiful in wishing those who wronged you nothing but miserableness. If you’re ever in the mood to get over your ex, blast this bop at the highest possible volume.

Bop or flop? BOP!

Jxdn AKA Jaden Hossler

A lot of TikTok stars really vibe with the pop-punk scene and I’m so here for it. Jaden Hossler, professionally known as Jxdn, is another musician who started out on TikTok and has some absolute bangers. Although not my kind of vibe, if you’re into emo rap, he is the one for you.

Bop or flop? Bop, if it’s your kind of thing.

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