Landon Barker Lil Huddy diss track

Landon Barker makes a subtle dig towards Lil Huddy and his new song in a TikTok

The TikTok has gained four MILLION views

Landon Barker has found himself in the middle of some TikTok drama since Lil Huddy’s new song All the Things I Hate About You dropped. The song, which some think is a diss track, has some not-so subtle digs at Huddy’s ex-girlfriend Charli D’Amelio. Although Lil Huddy hasn’t publicly confirmed his song is a diss track about Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker, much is to be assumed. Fans of the TikTok star are convinced the “homie hopper” line of the song is aimed at Charli because of Landon’s former friendship with Huddy.

In a newly posted TikTok, Landon has taken a shot at Lil Huddy after sharing a video of him lip-syncing to a Machine Gun Kelly song with the caption: “Wannabes dissing me”. Landon sings along to the lyrics that say: “I just spent too many minutes watching little videos of sh*tty rappers dissing me. I just spent the winter living after someone tryna send a kill shot, missing me.

“Young blonde don and the double-X mob got a gang out in Sicily. Why you think they call me ‘the gunner’? I’m popping off on anybody if they trigger me.”

Although it could be a simply harmless lip syncing video, the comments Landon Barker has liked prove it is about Lil Huddy and his diss track. One of the comments reads: “Y’all won. You’re finally happy and he’s out there beefing with himself.” He liked another comment saying: “Landon make a diss track right now”, and “woah that’s an upgrade for real”.

After the song first dropped, D’Amelio and Barker both reacted to it on their Instagrams. Landon posted an Instagram story that said: “If you can’t treat her right, I’ll treat her right for you”, proving to be quite unbothered about the song. Charli posted the lyrics of Baby Shark to her story, seeming unphased.


this might get taken down so listen while you can. 7/29

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