Pictured are two Little Miss memes

Just 15 Little Miss memes you wish you didn’t relate to but unfortunately do

Little Miss Pick Me? I’ll take it x

Little Miss and Mister Men have been staples of our childhood for longer than anyone cares to remember. Whether you collected all the books or felt emotionally aligned to Little Miss Chatterbox, no one was left out in the Little Miss and Mister universe. Now we’re all adults, the very best of these cartoons is back with people creating their own little cartoons and naming them something all too relatable. Whether your spirit guide is Little Miss Aperol Spritz or Mister Tinder Plus, there is a cartoon for everyone, no matter how hard you try and dismiss it.

If you open Instagram right now and click on the first three stories, I can almost guarantee someone has reposted a Little Miss meme onto their story, to show how painfully relatable they can be. They should not be judged, because while you read this roundup of 15 Little Miss memes, you too will realise how painfully relatable you are.

1. Wait, you’re not meant to do that?

2. The truth x

3. I never learn

4. Hehe

5. The world does revolve around me tbh

6. Pick me, choose me, love me

7. Always

8. Oop

9. Guilty as charged

10. It’s a lifestyle

11. Your point?

12. Same tbh

13. Too accurate

14. We all have this Little Miss in us

15. They just don’t!

Featured image credit before edits via Ashley Whitlatch on Unsplash.

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