Pictured is Dakota Johnson with Netflix Persuasion memes

Before you scream into the void about Persuasion, read these 18 memes about it

I’ll never forgive whoever decided on the line ‘Now we’re strangers, worse than strangers. We’re exes’

The remake of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Persuasion, has dropped on Netflix and despite it having an all-star cast and the potential to fill the void that is Bridgerton, not everyone has been all too pleased with the movie adaptation. Now everybody knows that the movie remake is never as good as the book but sometimes there are parts to be enjoyed, I wish the same could be said for Netflix’s Persuasion.

Whether it was the butchering of the most gut-wrenching quotes of the book or the desperate attempt at being relatable, not all Persuasion viewers were keen. Like every Netflix show and movie, once viewers had taken it all it, everyone heads straight to Twitter. People have not held back and shared their thoughts and cooked up some hilarious memes about Persuasion.

While you sit and think about how Jane Austen must be turning in her grave, enjoy these 18 memes about Netflix’s Persuasion:

1. Bizarre

2. We need justice

3. Agreed x

4. Jane, I’m so sorry

5. They definitely missed the mark

6. Exactly!

7. I cringed


9. Let’s go

10. So uncalled for

11. 💀💀💀

12. And throwing away the key

13. There was so much potential

14. Literally though…

15. What even was this?!

16. No words, head empty

17. Pretty much

18. The only good thing

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