Stranger Things 4 theory says clue lies in the promotional poster

This Stranger Things theory says a wild clue has been hidden in a promo poster all along

Netflix, explain yourselves right NOW

A theory going around TikTok right now has shown that there have been some subtle hints about characters in each promotional poster for Stranger Things 4 all along. Most of them look seemingly innocent, and are just about the storylines the characters had this season, but one in particular is really making viewers question what it could mean.

One TikTok has put together all the posters, and explained the subtle hints to the character’s storylines which lay within them. The TikTok now has a staggering 17million views, and people are losing their minds over it. “Idc what y’all say but Im hooked on this and she’s literally the only side character to have a poster..” the caption reads. But what and who are they going on about? Let’s take a deep dive into the Stranger Things poster theory.

Right, in all the posters for season four, there is a tiny picture of a location. For example, in the poster with Eleven on there is the lab, in Will’s poster it’s California, in Hopper’s it’s Russia and in members of the gang such as Robin, Steve and Max, you can see Vecna’s house. Not many surprises here? Well here’s where it gets interesting.


Idc what yall say but Im hooked on this and she’s literally the only side character to have a poster.. 🤨🤨 #fyp #strangerthings #karenwheeler #strangerthings4

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People are saying it seems odd that Karen Wheeler, Mike’s mum, is the only “side” character to have a poster. What’s more, why does hers show Vecna’s house?! This had lead to the TikTok questioning the theory to conclude that Karen Wheeler could actually be Alice Creel, Victor Creel’s daughter, who we now know would be the sister of Vecna – since we found out his identity.

By now, we should know that the Duffer brothers do nothing by accident. “I believe in this 100000 per cent there’s no way that’s a coincidence, NO WAY,” says the top comment on the video. “So you’re telling me that Vecna is Mike’s uncle now?” reads another. Another comment adds: “I just don’t get why they would make her a poster just for her to have a max of 12 minutes screen time through the whole season four.”


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