Artist shares first concept designs of monster Vecna for Stranger Things 4

Artist who created Vecna in Stranger Things has shared the first designs, and I am SCARED

Some of the original ideas for what Vecna could look like are honestly petrifying

The concept artist who designed Vecna in Stranger Things has shared some of the initial designs they worked with for the monster, and honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever sleep soundly again. You thought Vecna was scary on the show? Wait until you see what he could have looked like.

Michael Maher Jr is an Emmy nominated concept artist and director for film and TV, and has posted some of his Stranger Things designs across his different social media channels. The first design has Vecna with multiple arms and legs, much like that of an insect. On TikTok, Michael explains the villain would have used these to stab his victims.


Early Vecna design – this one had mantis-like arms and legs that would separate and make a wider profile. Due to practical problems it didnt make the final cut. #strangerthings4 #vecna #millybobbybrown #strangerthingsedit

♬ Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Some more of the designs include the monster being covered in mouldy rot from living in the Upside Down, whilst others were based on prehistoric fish, and even saw Vecna covered in gross spikes. Some of the designs are so scary, the TikTok posts of them come with viewer discretion and content warnings. The scariest one sees Vecna with his skin hanging off in places, and melted around the eyes.


Early Vecna concept art for Stranger Things 4, by Michael Maher Jr. #strangerthings4 #vecna #millybobbybrown #strangerthingsedit

♬ original sound – rinkomaniaa


Early Vecna design – this one featured patches of skin that would fall off from long exposure to the Upside Down.#strangerthings4 #vecna #millybobbybrown #strangerthingsedit

♬ Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Bryce Miller/Alloy Tracks Remix) – Journey & Steve Perry

The artist has also shared the reasons why these designs didn’t make the cut, including the designs not hiding Vecna’s identity well enough, being too hard to shoot or not being able to allow Vecna to be expressive enough.

Straight up, some of these are HAUNTING.

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