Wait, Natalia Dyer has addressed people wanting Nancy and Robin together in Stranger Things

She said they have a group chat where they discuss the memes about them 🥺

Natalia Dyer has addressed Stranger Things fans wanting her character Nancy and Robin to be together in the show. In an interview with Netflix, she’s said she and her co-stars have seen the talk online, and honestly, this all just makes my heart so full.

This season of Stranger Things has definitely seen Robin and Nancy grow much closer as a pair. They went to visit Victor Creel together, and in a very cute moment, Robin opened up about wanting her friends, notably Nancy, to be happy. The pair then had a rare deep moment where Nancy said she and Jonathan have grown distant, and it is hinted she might have her eyes on Steve again, who’s quite clearly interested in her.

But what if Nancy actually likes Robin? This and other moments have lead fans to think there could be something between them, and have us adoring them as a duo. And now, Natalia Dyer has said in an interview that they’ve all seen the internet talk, share the memes, and think it’s a nice idea!!

When asked about how she stands with her “ships” with Jonathan and Steve on the show, or if Nancy has bigger fish to fry, Natalia said: “There are a lot of things going on, and I don’t know if that sort of high school romance thing is as important as everything else. These are people, again, who all really care about each other and have a shared experience.

“But, yeah, I think there are things about both Steve and Jonathan that Nancy really likes. I noticed that there’s a lot of RoNance [Robin and Nancy] shipping as well. I love Nancy having a girlfriend. It’s nice.”

Natalia Dyer speaks about Robin and Nancy in Stranger Things on Netflix

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Netflix then said it’s impossible for viewers not to notice how good a duo Robin and Nancy — aka RoNance — are, to which Natalia replied that she agreed. “I don’t know if the Duffers thought that as much or anything,” she said. “We actually have a text thread that talks [about that] a bit. We send each other memes of things regarding that ship, which is funny.”

She said the text thread includes her, Joe Keery (who plays Steve), Maya Hawke (who plays Robin) and Charlie Heaton (who plays Jonathan). “I think we all thought, ‘Oh, people would enjoy this duo’,” she said. “The internet is a very funny place, so there are a lot of very interesting takes on things going on.”

This is SO cute?!

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