Stranger Things 4 upside down rainbow clue confirmed by Netflix

Netflix confirms huge Upside Down clue we all missed in Stranger Things 4

Ok my mind is blown


Netflix has pointed out a huge clue to the Upside Down that we all missed in Stranger Things 4, and it was staring us right in the face in the Rainbow Room. Ever since volumes one and two dropped, Netflix has been teasing loads of clues and theories, and this one has actually blown people’s minds.

Netflix pointed out there’s a moment between Henry Creel and Eleven that was a huge hint to the big reveal at the end of volume one. In Stranger Things 4 episode seven, the pair are together in the Rainbow Room at Hawkins Lab and you guessed it – the rainbow behind Henry is upside down.

Netflix posted pictures of Henry and Eleven alongside one another, captioned: “When you spot that the rainbow behind him was UpSiDe DoWn…” This hints that Henry could have been in the Upside Down the entire time, and would explain *that* big reveal.

The comments pretty much explain how everyone is feeling about this. “Uhmmm…..brb lemme just go rewatch this scene,” one person said. And another added: “Oh my fking lord”, whilst someone else quite simply said: “WHAT”. Yeah, same. Someone else commented saying: “Not me running back to this episode and my mind exploding.” 

Since volume two, there have been even further wild theories about Henry Creel / 001 / Vecna. One being that Henry Creel is actually adopted, and another suggesting Karen Wheeler has a huge connection to him. Honestly, the theories and little details are all blowing my mind.

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