This is how much the houses in Stranger Things would cost in real life

Even for free you wouldn’t catch me in the Creel house

The houses on Stranger Things aren’t always the most attractive looking lifestyle idea – they’re often quite creepy, have scary things going on and you could easily think of places where you’d sleep much better. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a curiosity for how much they might be worth.

SDL Property Auctions has valued all the homes in Stranger Things, including the Creel house, both Byers’ houses, the Wheeler house and Hopper’s cabin, to reveal how much they would really be worth today. Here is how much the houses featured in Stranger Things would cost in real life.

Creel house – £350k

How much the houses in Stranger Things on Netflix are worth in real life

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I’m pretty sure you couldn’t think of anywhere you’d like to live less than the Creel house. But if for some reason you have a dark want for buying it, it would set you aside around £350k. The six bedroom Creel house provides some *unique* charm of a period home – with the hauntings, traumatic past and decayed appearance.

The real house used for filming was built in 1882 in Rome, Georgia and sold for $350k in March 2019. It’s been estimated this property would sell for around £300k, potentially reaching upwards of £350k at auction.

Byers’ original house – £100k

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More affordable is the old house of the Byers family. If it were on the market in the UK in its current condition, which according to production designer Chris Trujillo means with the non-standard construction and issues with asbestos, SDL Property Auctions would expect it to make in the region of £100k.

Byers’ new house – £200k

How much the houses in Stranger Things on Netflix are worth in real life

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The Byers have upgraded! The Byers’ new house is actually real, and located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (not Lenora Hills) – you can book a stay there on AirBnb. It’s four bedrooms, and worth around £200k.

Wheeler’s house – £375k

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The show’s central safe house is a lovely home in seemingly great condition, so SDL Property Auctions thinks it would likely do well if sold in the UK. It’s been priced as worth at least £375k in today’s market.

Hopper’s cabin – £82k

How much the houses in Stranger Things on Netflix are worth in real life

via Netflix

Sorry Hopper, but the land his cabin sits on is probably more worth the money than the actual cabin. The land would be worth more as a development opportunity, but with the cabin in its current state could fetch around £82k.

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