11 behind the scenes details and Easter eggs from Stranger Things 4 you definitely missed

Ok so now I’m going to HAVE to rewatch and spot these

By now, you’ve probably realised that the Duffer brothers, who create Stranger Things, never do anything accidentally. They pay huge attention to details, and that’s why Stranger Things 4 has been littered with small Easter eggs and nods to other things.

We’re talking tiny aspects of the character’s wardrobes that were actually big, conscious decisions, and little jokes and hints at to different characters and famous people and pop culture throughout. Here are all the Easter eggs and behind the scenes details that featured in part one of Stranger Things 4 on Netflix.

Behind the scenes details and Easter eggs in Stranger Things 4 volume one on Netflix

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The California setting was inspired by E.T.

In Stranger Things 4, we see new scenes with Eleven and Will in California. For the new California setting, the Duffer brothers were heavily influenced by Spielberg’s 1982 film E.T. But the film was a key inspiration for Stranger Things from the start – they listened to John Williams’ score for E.T. while writing the pilot episode for the first season.

Robin’s vest has some small details you may have missed

Robin’s Family Video vest has a couple of fun Easter egg pins: a hawk, which is a small nod to actor Maya Hawke, and a “Ms.” pin, a little nod to Gloria Steinem’s famous feminist magazine.

Behind the scenes details and Easter eggs in Stranger Things 4 volume one on Netflix

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Lucas’ jersey is a nod to Kobe Bryant

When Lucas plays on the Hawkins basketball team, he wears a number eight jersey, which is a nod to Kobe Bryant’s first jersey number. Actor Caleb McLaughlin is a huge fan of Bryant and had the idea to pay tribute to the late sports icon through his character’s jersey.

Argyle’s white owl necklace is a little nod to his wise nature

Just a fun fact.

Did you spot that Benny’s Burgers is back?!

Behind the scenes details and Easter eggs in Stranger Things 4 volume one on Netflix

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This season, the season one location Benny’s Burgers returns as a rundown party shack for the Hawkins High jocks. The production design team painstakingly recreated the inside with holiday lights and some light graffiti to show how the jocks have made the space their own.

Argyle had to learn to drive stick for his character

Argyle’s Surfer Boy Pizza Van is a VW van. Eduardo Franco learned how to drive stick shift specifically for his role as Argyle.

Creating the Hellfire Club scenes took DETAILS

For the Hellfire Club scenes, the props team designed a full campaign, map, character sheets with different graphics, specific dice for each player, and bespoke in-depth notebooks with all of the characters’ notes and character specs. The team also built a dice tower for Eddie.

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Hellfire Club was inspired by Paradise Lost

Both the overall Hellfire Club storyline and especially the character Eddie Munson were inspired by the documentary series Paradise Lost. Eddie is loosely modelled after writer and artist Damien Echols, who was a member of the West Memphis Three.

The number for Surfer Boy Pizza is real

If you’re among the Stranger Things fans who look out for any way to get involved, you might have noticed the small Easter egg style detail that the number for Surfer Boy Pizza is real. If you ring it, Argyle answers and gives you a little message. People have been trying it out, and I’m obsessed.

Eddie’s guitar was designed to mimic the Upside Down

Eddie’s beloved guitar is a B.C. Rich Warlock. It was originally black, but the props team gave it a red crackle finish to more closely mimic the colours of the Upside Down.

Eleven’s diorama contained a nod to Joyce

Behind the scenes details and Easter eggs in Stranger Things 4 volume one on Netflix

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The diorama Eleven makes for her class presentation in Stranger Things 4 episode one is made out of a Reebok shoe box — a fun little nod to Joyce always wearing Reeboks. The props team imagined Eleven would have just used one of Joyce’s old shoeboxes for her school project. Cute!!

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