People are completely shook over this theory about Will and his future in Stranger Things

‘The show started with Will, and now it has to end with him’

Right now, it feels as though the entire viewership of Stranger Things is DEEP in every theory of what could happen next, and today on the agenda, is the future of our very own Will Byers.

The Duffer brothers have confirmed Will is going to have a huge part and focus in season five of Stranger Things, so now theories are going wild that he’s about to become a traitor and a villain. And to be honest, they make a scary amount of sense. So, here’s a breakdown of the theory to do with Will in Stranger Things, and how people are predicting this will affect him moving forward in the show.

Theory about Will Byers and what he will do in the rest of Stranger Things

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There are a lot of strings to the theories about Will in Stranger Things, but they all stem from believing he is about to have his villain arc in season five.

One TikToker, who often shares theories about the show, says: “I think that Will is going to have a really crucial spot in season five. I think there’s a good chance him and Eleven go toe-to-toe as Will is essentially going to be taken over by Vecna. There’s another element at play here, I believe the relationship between Vecna and Will is similar to that of Harry Potter and Voldermort.

“Hear me out. As soon as Will got back to Hawkins, he once again felt Vecna. When he was in California he felt more of himself and I think that’s why he was able to explore his sexuality a bit more, because he wasn’t worried about everything else that was going on around him. He wasn’t worried about the Upside Down.

“Now he’s back in Hawkins, you see him get the chills, you see him touch the back of his neck. It’s similar to how Harry Potter feels when Voldermort gets in his mind. Knowing that, it’s quite possible Vecna knows everything about Will’s friends because he’s inside Will’s mind. That would explain why Will was able to survive so long in the Upside Down in season one and his ties to the Upside Down in season two.”

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He continues to say he believes Will getting such little screen time in season four was done on purpose, so he could be brought back and thrown right into the middle of everything. “Like Harry Potter and Voldermort, I think there’s a really good chance that in order for Vecna to die, Will has to die,” he says. “There’s still a piece of Vecna that resides in Will.”

The TikTok also theorises that Eleven will have to kill Will and it would be “brilliant and sad” if the Duffer brothers have written it this way, given how Eleven and Will have pretty much got a sibling relationship now. “I think that it has to happen that way,” he concludes. “The show started with Will, it also has to end with him.”

The top comment reads: “Solid theory. Will is purposefully kept away this season so no one makes the obvs connection that Vecna is a part of him still.” Another said: “Yes! All the Harry Potter feels!”

Another TikTok video, which has had over 5million views, notes that Henry Creel shaped the Mind Flayer by drawing it, and questions if Will could be doing the same. It then shows Will drawing the monster of D&D and a place the kids go as looking similar to the drawing, too.

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One of the comments says “first theory ever that actually could be true” and another adds “OMG WAIT- THIS COULD BE TRUE”. Another person said: “It could be a kind of…. Demo-dragon”.

Another person has shared a video of simply all the reasons we shouldn’t trust Will Byers. They say he has a resemblance to Henry Creel, he’s going to have a big part in the next season, and says the season will start and end with Will.

There are a lot of villain crossovers being pointed out between Will and Vecna. One TikTok shows when we discovered 001 was Henry Creel and he said to Eleven “like you, I didn’t fit in” – the camera showed Henry on the right side of his parents, as the traitor standing on their left. Next clip? Mike and Eleven walking together, with Will on their left. Is he the next traitor? This theory thinks Will is going to kill Eleven.

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More people are discussing how the Will theory will see Stranger Things “all coming together” with his character. Remember when he was stuck in the Upside Down? One TikToker has pointed out he was singing “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and that’s why he lasted so long. Plus, an old clip of Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas, being asked for one word to describe season four and onwards has resurfaced. What word does he choose? “Traitor”.

I am losing my mind with this?!

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