Stranger Things fans are losing their minds over a TikTok theory of what happened to Max

The Duffer brothers are so smart if this is true

People on TikTok are going wild for this theory which claims the Duffer brothers told us in episode four of Stranger Things volume one, exactly what was going to happen to Max.

Basically the theory is all to do with Kate Bush and her album Hounds of Love which features Running Up That Hill. We all know Max was totally obsessed with that song this season and it literally saved her life. According to the mad theory, the album tells a story of a girl who falls into a coma. The comment section is full of people screaming, crying, shaking and throwing up over how realistic this theory is.

Apparently if you listen to the entire Hounds of Love album it explains from when the girl falls into the coma, when she’s in it and when she wakes up. The TikToker shared two songs from when Max could possibly correlate with Max when she’s in season five. The first is Waking The Witch and the second is Hello Earth. Stranger things theory, whats gonna happen to max in season 5! #strangerthings #strangerthings4 #stragerthingsthories original sound –

One person in the comments pointed out the clock sounds in Waking The Witch and I can’t get over it.

via TikTok

The song starts with several different voices telling the girl to wake up. Then a scary voice starts to sing “You won’t burn, you won’t bleed, confess to me, girl” and I’m not being funny but it sounds like Vecna. Another fan suggested Waking The Witch could be for Eleven because she’s still looking for Max’s mind and memories asking her to wake up.

One of the lyrics in Hello Earth is: “Watching storms, start to form, over America. Can’t do anything. Just watch them swing with the wind.” I am shaking so much right now. A person commented on the viral TikTok saying this is definitely something the Duffer brothers would do which it true, they have crazy easter eggs plotted throughout season four.

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