A rundown of every single moment which proves Stranger Things four is a work of art

Eleven standing up to Papa is pure cinema

Stranger Things is truly a work of art and season four is the best one yet. The episodes were super long, the acting was unreal and the plot was wild. So many moments from Stranger Things four were award winning in our eyes, like the entire Dear Billy episode and any scene ever with Eddie Munson in was great too.

Here’s a rundown of the best cinematic moments from this season starting with the most iconic scene of all time.

Steve and Robin’s chat about boobs

Robin and Steve talking about girls is possibly the best scene the Duffer brothers have ever written. It was so memorable having Steve talk Robin through girl troubles. He reassures her that her crush Vicky is also queer. His science behind it? Vicky apparently returned Fast Times at Ridgemont High to the video store paused at 53 minutes and five seconds – something only “people who like boobies” do.

It’s funny and a sweet moment of allyship from Steve Harrington. I feel like he is a true protector of the gay community and I love him for that.

Meeting Eddie Munson

Stranger Things season four soundtrack

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The Stranger Things cast is always growing. There have been so many new additions throughout the seasons but Eddie is by far the best one. The moment we meet him in the school canteen is sooooo good. Straight away he landed himself as a fan favourite.

Erica winning D&D and Lucas winning basketball

The Sinclair siblings were truly on top form this season.

Eddie and Chrissy’s chat in the woods

In the first episode of season four we see Chirssy go out into the woods to secretly meet with Eddie Munson for a drug deal. She sees Vecna’s grandfather clock and he’s able to calm her down. She also gets nervous at the idea of buying drugs but again Eddie is able to calm her. He makes her laugh by reminding her of a story from their time at middle school.

Murray fighting Yuri with his karate skills

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Despite having a smallish role this season, we knew when Murray was on our screens. He really stood out and stole the limelight. His big karate fight scene with Yuri was so fun.

The whole Dear Billy episode

This entire episode deserves an Emmy – it is cinematic excellence.

When Eleven stands up to Papa

Stranger Things four deaths

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Episode eight is titled “Papa” but still not a single one of us predicted it would involve the death of Dr Brenner. Anyway, part of Eleven’s character arc this season is getting through her trauma related to Papa and everything which happened inside Hawkins lab.

After Papa helps Eleven escape the underground lab as it’s overrun with military forces, Brenner is shot down by a helicopter gunman. He begs for her forgiveness moments before his death however Eleven lets him pass away without acknowledging his apology or explanation for why she had to suffer abuse from him.

Joyce and Hopper’s sexy kiss


Eddie’s guitar solo

Eddie slaying it on Master of Puppets by Metallica was not a scene which fans could have predicted this season. It was the most metal concert of all time, end of.

Hopper slaying the demogorgon with a sword

I will never understand how or why Hopper had a mediaeval sword but I’m here for it. He rocked it.

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