This petition to bring Eddie back for Stranger Things five has 20,000 signatures already

Someone said they hope the Duffer brothers suffer💀

Over 20,000 fans have signed a petition to bring back Stranger Things four character Eddie Munson, following his savage and brutal death. If that wasn’t proof enough how hard core Stranger Things fans were – some people are donating their own money to the cause.

Before volume two dropped, the Duffer brothers warned fans they needed to be worried about everyone going into the season finale. But by the end of volume two, there was only one death we cared about – Eddie Munson. He sadly lost his life in an attempt to distract the demobats from going after Dustin.

The petition states Eddie was “unfairly” killed off,  he deserves to be brought back and “not just as a flashback”. The comments on this petition are, to put it simply, unhinged. People really feel the effect of Eddie’s death in a Netflix show. So here’s a rundown of some of the best comments – you can find the petition at the end.

One person said: “People are giving Stranger Things a bad rating, people are cancelling their subscriptions, you need to bring him back. Killing him was probably the worst decision you could have made and I hope you suffer like we do because of it.”


Another fan of the show said Eddie’s death didn’t seem to have any meaning behind it beyond shock value. They wrote: “It sucks to have such a good character thrown away like that. I want more backstory on Eddie and I need his name to be cleared and I need him to graduate.”


Others are saying he deserves to be brought back purely because he is so hot – we can’t argue with that, can we?

You can find the petition to bring Eddie back here.

Feature image via Netflix.

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