Fans have criticised Will Byers’ sexuality storyline and Noah Schnapp has responded

One person said Will’s sexuality was used as some sort of ‘plot device’

Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things four has responded to criticism over Will’s sexuality storyline. If you’ve watched Stranger Things four then you’ll be aware of the fact Will Byers is painfully in love with Mike Wheeler. Throughout the season Will opens up to Mike but it’s obvious to him that his best mate is in love with Eleven so he feels at a bit of a loss.

After volume one was released fans were desperate to know one thing: Is Will Byers gay? All fans of the show wanted was for Will to directly come out and discuss his sexuality openly but when that didn’t happen they got upset.

Will didn’t explicitly share feelings about his sexuality

So there’s one scene where Will and Mike are chatting in the back of Argyle’s van. Will also has a nice chat with his brother Jonathan but again, nothing explicit is said. It’s more of a brotherly nod to the fact Jonathan is mostly likely aware Will loves Mike.

In episode nine, Will shares his painting with Mike and then breaks down in tears when disguising his own feelings towards Mike by talking about Eleven. Later when Will and Jonathan chat, Jonathan says: “I don’t want you to forget that I’m here and I’ll always be here no matter what because you’re my brother and I love you and there is nothing in this world, okay? Absolutely nothing in this world will ever change that.”

However fans aren’t happy with how things were addressed in this season. Someone even called it “disappointing”. Essentially fans think Will should’ve made it more obvious about his sexuality.

Noah Schanpp has responded to criticism surrounding Will’s sexuality

The caption on the video says: “Incredibly disappointing that this is the route they decided to take with Will’s sexuality. It’s just so vile that everything has to be a metaphor?? I’m so tired of vague coming out scenes in the media that simply should’ve had confirmation to begin with. Will deserved to have his coming out scene with Jonathan. Will deserved to explain his painting to Mike without it being twisted into some sort of plot device for a straight couple.”

Another person said: “I’m so disappointed with what they did to Will’s character and his sexuality. He didn’t even get a proper coming out and his feelings were used as some sort of plot device.”

In Noah’s response he said: “First of all, it’s the 80’s and the kid is a freshman. Let them slowly develop the plot and when he does come out, it will be really special and real.”

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