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Alright nerds, take this bumper Stranger Things all-seasons quiz to prove you’re a mega fan

Only Eleven herself could get full marks on this


Volume two of Stranger Things season four drops tomorrow, and it looks like we’re in for some absolute carnage to say the least. All anyone can talk about is who’s going to die, what burning questions we’ll finally have answered, and what cliff hangers we can possibly be left on before season five. But before all that, how well do you actually remember all the seasons of Stranger Things that have come before us – and could you prove it in, say, a quiz?

As luck would have it, here’s a bumper trivia quiz of every Stranger Things season so far – and if you’re feeling brave, take it to prove you’re the Netflix show’s number one fan. There have been loads of tragic deaths throughout the series, but do you know who was the first ever person we saw die on the show? “Mouth breathers” is an iconic Stranger Things insult, but who originally said it? Do you remember Eleven’s mum’s real name, what drink Alexei was obsessed with, or who Chrissy’s boyfriend was?

As Erica would say – strap in nerds, and prove you’re basically Eleven herself by getting full marks on this bumper Stranger Things all seasons trivia quiz.

Come on, you know you want to – take this Stranger Things all seasons trivia quiz now:

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