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Quiz: You’re a mouth breather if you can’t remember these iconic Stranger Things quotes


From “friends don’t lie” to the iconic “mouth breathers” insult, Stranger Things has given the world some absolutely classic quotes for the ages. The show has a banging soundtrack, vibey 80s costumes, and the whole thing is just SO binge-able.

But how well do you actually remember all seasons of the Netflix show, and can you remember all the iconic Stranger Things quotes and who says them? Who could forget “she’s our friend and she’s crazy!!!”, shouted about Eleven – but do you know who said it? Or can you remember what else Hopper says “mornings are for”, apart from coffee?

Put your knowledge of Stranger Things to the test and see how well you remember these iconic quotes from seasons one to four of the show – and if you don’t know them, you’re simply a mouth breather:

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