Just 21 tweets proving Steve and Dustin from Stranger Things will be besties for life

They’re the best duo on the show

Stranger Things four is honestly the best season yet and I am convinced that’s down to Dustin and Steve’s beautiful bond. At this point fans don’t care for Mike and El, Hopper and Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan – we believe in Dustin and Steve supremacy. Here are 21 tweets all saying the same thing: Dustin and Steve’s friendship is the best part of Stranger Things four.

1. I love them both so much

2. End of

3. Steve looks so happy, I’m crying

4. Too right!

5. It’s such a powerful bond

6. Or both?

7. Love story! Yes

8. They calm any and every situation

9. Their gloves in season two omg

10. Big retweet

11. It’s contstant laughs

12. Steve Harrington is a single mother

13. And the rest

14. They talk so much shit


16. Look at them

17. They truly never disappoint

18. Why’s this so funny?

19. Easy laughs

20. Don’t be sorry x

21. I could cry

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