Even a Stranger Things four mega fan would have missed these wholesome small details

The blue hair tie story makes me weep

Stranger Things fans love a binge, especially when a new season drops. They will watch and re-watch the season over and over again until it’s no longer socially acceptable. But in doing so they clock some really sweet small details which are just there to make us cry. For example, Hopper’s infamous blue hair tie and El leaving her door three inches open – it’s so nice. So here’s a rundown of a few small details you missed from Stranger Things four including where Mike Wheeler’s luscious mullet came from.

1. An answer in Brenner’s crossword puzzle is ‘Kali’

Stranger Things four opens with a flashback to 1979 when Dr. Brenner was still working at Hawkins National lab and experimenting on children. He starts his day with a crossword puzzle, one of the clue’s is “Shiva’s wife” referring to the Hindu god he puts down Kali. It’s making me hold out hope that Eleven’s “lost sister” will return in volume two or at least season five.

2. Will’s historic hero is Alan Turing

Alan Turing was the man who revolutionised computer science but was discriminated against because he was gay. This is one of the many theories hinting at Will Byers being gay.

3. When Dustin calls Steve from school, the phone booth says ‘E.T phone home’

E.T was one of the 80s movies which inspired Stranger Things so this is a very cool nod to the iconic movie.

4. Lucas’ basketball jersey is a tribute to Koby Bryant

Lucas Sinclair’s basketball jersey is a nod to Kobe Bryant’s first jersey number when he played for the Lakers. Caleb is a huge Kobe fan and this was his own idea to pay tribute.

5. Mike’s mullet is a nod to Eddie Munson

Mike Wheeler’s long, luscious locks are a tribute to his new role model Eddie Munson. He’s growing his hair out to look more like Eddie – how sweet.

6. Eleven keeps her bedroom door open three inches

When Mike goes upstairs to give El her Eggo waffles, her bedroom door is cracked open a few inches which fans think is a nod to Hopper’s letter he wrote to El in the season three finale.

7. Nancy still has a Tom Cruise poster from season one

The Tom Cruise poster that Nancy has hanging in her room has been there since season one.

8. Pennhurst Asylum is real

Pennhurst Asylum is where Robin and Nancy go in season four to chat to Victor Creel. However the hospital was mentioned first back in season one when Mike, Dustin and Lucas first found Eleven. Also Pennhurst is very much real and believed to be haunted.

9. Sadie Sink actually wrote Max’s letter for Billy

via Netflix

Sorry I’m sobbing at this one. Sadie Sink revealed she actually wrote the letter and that her usual handwriting is cursive. However the Stranger Things production team thought Max would write in a print-like font so Sadie created her own.

10. Dustin has kept his Ghostbusters pin from season two

via Netflix

When Nancy, Robin, Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max go into Victor Creel’s house and Dustin reveals he has flashlights in his backpack, we can see the Ghostbusters pin. This is a reference to when the gang dressed up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween in season two.

11. The blue hair tie is now on Eleven’s wrist

According to fans of the show on TikTok, a thin blue hair tie is often seen around Eleven’s wrist. The evolution of the blue hair tie is genuinely soul destroying. It turns out it belonged to Hopper’s first daughter but as her illness progresses he adopts it. He turns the hair tie into a bracelet and he wears it all the time. Then in season two, we see Eleven wearing the bracelet at her snowball school dance. I have goosebumps.

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