Just a bunch of wild and believable death theories for Stranger Things four volume two

I would move heaven and earth to keep Will Byers safe


Last week, Noah Schnapp said fans can expect “some deaths coming” in Stranger things four volume two. Since he dropped that one on us, fans have been spiralling and trying to work out who it is that’s actually going to die. Obviously we’re expecting Enzo or Jason to die but there are some highly believable theories for the main characters. I’m talking about the gang. Seriously, it’s wild what fans come up with on Reddit. Here’s a rundown of all the crazy death theories behind Stranger Things four volume two.

Will Byers could get killed by Vecna

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In a discussion about Stranger Things four volume one on Reddit, a fan of the show pointed out how Stranger Things started with Will in the Upside Down so that’s how it’s going to end as well. In season four we’ve seen the gang slowly forget about Will, especially in recent episodes. Fans think this was planned by the Duffer brothers so Will’s death would be more emotional.

We have known since season one the Mind Flayer and Will have some sort of special relationship since he was the first host we saw. The focus os volume one so far has been on Eleven to close the gates and people seem to have forgotten Will is the obvious target for Vecna. Especially because of his childhood trauma.

Mike Wheeler’s death

Obviously Mike is one of the main characters so killing him off would be a bold move, however we are nearing the end of Stranger Things so now is when it would happen. A fan of the show on Reddit says Mike will finally tell Eleven he loves her and then die.

Lucas Sinclair could also die

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Look, in case you haven’t noticed – there’s a theory for every character dying. It’s Stranger Things and absolutely everything is possible. In the Creel house clip from the volume two teaser, Erica is carrying a lantern that lights up and she’s pretty shaken up. A fan on Reddit says in that same lighting and setting we see Lucas look “heartbroken”. The fan thinks we’re going to see some mirroring and Lucas will give his life to save Erica with Max witnessing it.

Eddie gives his life to save the others

So in the teaser for volume two, Eddie is shown playing the guitar in the Upside Down and many people assume this is to free Nancy from Vecna’s trance. However another fan says: “The scene where Eddie is playing the guitar is to draw the bats to him and Dustin at the trailer park so Steve, Nancy and Robin can go to the Creel house to battle Vecna. That’s why you see Dustin in makeshift armour in the trailer and Eddie is behind him.

Steve’s imminent death as a result of the Demobats

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Right so in Stranger Things four volume one we saw Steve get pulled into the Upside Down by a tentacle and he landed himself in a fight with Demobats. Nancy followed him along with Robin and Eddie. However by the time they arrived Steve had been bitten pretty badly. Steve could die as a result of his injuries and this is something fans are weeping over.

Max could die in volume two

Let’s be honest, she had a very close call in volume one so this theory isn’t that shocking. She seemed safe by the end of volume one but there’s a lot we don’t know about Vecna’s curse, like how long it lasts or if she’s still vulnerable after it. Also Max still has those letters she wrote to her loved ones if she was to die – this could be foreshadowing something bad.

Eleven and Vecna’s showdown could be the end of her

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What even is Stranger Things without Eleven? She’s the main icon. Anyway, she’s expected to go through a major fight against Vecna and as a result she could die. Fans think it’s unlikely she’ll die at the end of this season but it wouldn’t be a total shock if she did.

On Reddit fans think the Mind Flayer will strike a deal with Eleven which is essentially he will stay in the Upside Down if he can bring Eleven with him.

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