Stranger Things fans have a theory about who Eleven’s real dad is and it’s so believable

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Stranger Things fans have been going for the theories this season. Every day on Reddit there appears to be an entire new backlog of them. The theories are all so believable too, if I think about them for long enough they hurt my brain. One particular theory fans are dying to have the answer to is who the hell is Eleven’s real dad?

Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, has had two father figures in her life. The first was Dr. Brenner, who she calls Papa and the second is our king Jim Hopper. But the show’s creators have never entertained the idea of who her biological dad is so fans have taken it upon themselves to debunk it. So here’s a rundown of the popular and convincing theory which suggests Eleven’s biological father is actually Henry Creel (aka, 001 and Vecna).

Here’s why fans think Henry Creel is actually Eleven’s dad

So, after Stranger Things four volume one dropped, this theory started popping up all over Reddit. As fans of the show know, Stranger Things four really dived into Dr. Brenner’s experiments more than any other season. As a result we found out about Henry Creel, his history, the power he holds and the fact he was the very first test subject at the Hawkins lab.

Eleven dad Stranger Things

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Brenner’s ultimate motive was to create more children like 001, with telekinetic and psychic abilities. So we know there’s around 18 children who were part of these experiments – all different ages and with different degrees of strength when it comes to their powers. Only Eleven had the powers to match 001. So this is the first reason why fans think 001 is Eleven’s father – their abilities could be biologically matched through Henry’s genetics.

But the theory gets even crazier than that. Fans reckon Brenner used Henry’s sperm sample to artificially inseminate Eleven’s mum Terry without her knowing, whilst she was part of MKUltra. Yes, it is truly that wild. Obviously this is disturbing to think about but Brenner isn’t exactly a nice guy, is he?

Another version of the theory suggests Henry could have been in a relationship with Terry during her time at the lab and got her pregnant. This all makes sense with the ages too. Henry was 12-years-old in 1959 when he killed his mum and sister. Eleven was born in 1971 which makes Henry around 23-years-old at the time she was born. So by the time the Hawkins lab massacre took place in 1979 Henry would have been around 30 or 31-years-old.

Eleven dad Stranger Things

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During Stranger Things four, we see Henry have a real obsession with Eleven. Fans on Reddit think this is because they’ve sensed they’re biologically connected with one another. Whenever they talk he’s always drawing similarities between them. At one point in the final episode of volume one he says how glad he was to have her born into the programme.  I am so shook at how well planned out this whole thing is.

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