Vecna is the funniest Stranger Things character and these behind the scenes pics prove it

I think Vecna is a little bit sexy and I’m not sorry about it

Vecna from Stranger Things four is meant to be the biggest villain yet but Stranger Things twitter recently posted a video in which Vecna was drinking a Starbucks. So, as you can probably guess, every single crumb of scariness from Vecna has been destroyed.

Fans of the show are losing their minds over the Vecna memes. He is hands down the funniest character in the series and don’t shoot me but I think this makes him a little bit sexy. Anyway, here’s a look at 19 Vecna memes from that behind the scenes video whilst we wait for the second volume to drop.

1. ‘Hot ghoul shit’ lmaoooooo

2. I cannot unsee this

3. What is he even doing??

4. ‘Tentacles squelching wetly’

5. This is not scary at all


7. I am crying

8. This is the best photo ever

9. His laugh is so jokes

10. Ffs

11. Omg

12. It’s so dumb but so funny

13. No thoughts, my head is empty

14. Thank god someone else agrees

15. My toxic trait is thinking I could fix him

16. New angle unlocked girlies

17. ‘We irritatin’

18. He is so funny

19. ‘A cutie goofy’

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